CubeCast Episode 34 - Lucas Garron

Lucas Garron comes onto the show to tell us some of his many stories and projects. One of the more informative shows we've had in a while! Also thanks to our sponsor for helping out with the show. Use code 'CUBECAST' to save $5 off of any order.

Skype Team Blind

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Congratulations to puzzler winner Ben Whitmore for being one of only two correct answers submitted (the other being Stefan Pochmann). He will win any puzzle he wants that is under $15~ There will be another chance to win next episode with the next puzzler giveaway!


CubeCast Episode 34 - Lucas Garron


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NEW episode coming most likely this Monday with some exciting news!

Also don't forget to submit your puzzler answer to have a chance at winning a free puzzle! Go to the Puzzler section to participate.


CubeCast Season 3 Episode 4 - Mats Valk. Silver buddies!

The single World Record holder for the 3x3 comes onto the show! Mats was a pleasure to have on, I hope you enjoy the listen. There is also the return of the puzzler, go to the puzzler page to have a chance at winning a puzzle! Also check out our new beginner's guide page!

Skype Team Blind
D2 L' D2 U2 B2 L D2 B2 D2 L' R2 B D U B' L D' L2 F D L2

CubeCast S3E04 - Mats Valk


CubeCast Season 2 Episode 5 - Eric Limeback

Recent Guinness World Record holder for the most cubes solved in 24 hours comes on the show to talk about his record breaking attempt! 

Skype Team Blind
F2 L D2 F2 L' D2 R B2 U2 R' D L B L2 R' U2 R' B' D' U2

CubeCast S2E05 - Eric Limeback


CubeCast Season 3 Episode 3 - Kevin Hays. 1 case 1 alg for life.

Mr. Big Cube World Champion himself joins us for the first time on CubeCast to talk about... big cubes! Also, THREE EPISODES in a month! How's that for the haters/doubters! SUCK IT (don't). 

Skype Team Blind
B2 D2 U2 L F2 L' D2 L' F2 U B L F D2 R' B' D' F

CubeCast S3E03 - Kevin Hays